Conventional Medical Healthcare

From cutting-edge treatments to personalized attention, at A Hand to Humanity Medical Center, we are committed to our patient’s wellbeing every step of the way. Our patient’s wellbeing is entrusted into our dedicated team of professionals to deliver exceptional healthcare that prioritizes health and comfort.

General Consultation

We perform thorough general consultation services, providing our patients with expert insight based on our holistic approach to healthcare. We lend a keen ear to our patients concerns and advise on the best treatment options.

Major and Minor Surgery

Our skilled surgeons prioritize your health during major and minor surgeries, guaranteeing precise, safe, and optimal outcomes. We ensure a smooth and successful recovery journey with the adequate post operation follow-up.


We offer comprehensive gynecological consultations and treatment tailored to the patients’ need while ensuring their optimal comfort in the process. Our experienced team of gynecologists accompany patients with care and compassionate guidance for patients.

Laboratory Analysis

Our unwavering commitment to accuracy and reliability ensures that medical laboratory analysis we undertake are not just numbers, but a pathway to informed medical decisions. We strive to make excellence our standard mode of operation in laboratory analysis.

Support Our Mission

Join hands with us to empower lives and make a meaningful difference in communities.

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