Spiritual Healing & Herbal Medicine

Through our non – denominational prayer ministry, we offer spiritual deliverance prayers to support patients find harmony between the spiritual and physical realms. We also bank on the medicinal use of plants to offer treatment to diseases.

Spiritual Healing

Our team of charismatic prayer warriors offer spiritual consultations, prayer session, and spiritual deliverance to the general public irrespective of creed. Our spiritual prescriptions, and follow – up of the evolution of the deliverance till the patient is completely set free from the grip of the enemy support spiritual wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine

In our holistic approach to wellbeing, our charismatic prayer warriors incorporate herbal medicine from ancestral cultures to enhance overall physical health and provide alternative treatment options within the same standards as conventional medicine to our patients. Testimonials from our patients exceed expectations.

Support Our Mission

Join hands with us to empower lives and make a meaningful difference in communities.

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